Enable partners to sell more of your products

Relevize creates and optimizes partner-personalized ad campaigns for brands and service providers.

How it works

Relevize lets you advertise directly through your partner’s social ad accounts.


Show your partners you mean business

When you advertise through your partner's channels, your partners see you're invested in their success.


Drive sales

Increase sales of your product or service through partners

Delight partners

Show partners you care about their success by driving real business results

Build partner LTV

Relevize makes every dollar work hard for you

"Driving untapped partner growth"

Digital partner marketing has accelerated a new revenue channel for our business. Relevize has allowed us to drive untapped growth with our partners.

Matt Fasano
Riddle & Bloom, VP Director of Client Services

"Better performing partners"

Our partner performance has never been so strong.

Sara Murray
Riddle & Bloom, Partner Marketing Lead

"Game changing"

Relevize changed the game for us. They’re hands down the best digital partner we've worked with, not only because of their customer service, but because they help you get real, data-driven results. You can tell every aspect of their business is focused around making our digital partner marketing the very best it can be.

Nick Shanman
Partner Program Manager, The Campus Agency

What do retail partners say?

"Driving targeted local sales"
"We definitely had a lot of customers buying the product in-store because of the digital ads from Smirnoff."

Smirnoff retail partner

Working with top brands


higher CTR


increase in activations


higher CTR

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